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I-Drop Eye Drop is an ayurvedic eye tonic recommended for the vision improvement.This ayurvedic solution helps in keeping eyes fresh,strain free and correcting visions with 0% side effects.Its Composition includes  Triphala,Mulethi,Lodhra,Daruhaldi,Mamira,Chakshu to make it effective for curing eye diseases. I-Drop Eye Drop has also been found to be very effective in improving eyesight in postoperative cases of Cataract, Laser Lasic Laser.

Active Ingredients-

Triphala 300mg +Mulethi 100mg + Lodhra 80mg + Daruhaldi 80mg + Mamira 100mg + Chakshu 180mg/10ml.


Strenghtens the eye muscles which in turn improves the eyesight.

Reduces pain, itching, burning and inflammation in eyes.

Tones up the ocular muscles, improving myopia, hypermetropia.

Inhibited the growth of vessels in the corneal region, thus preventing blindness due to CNV.


  • Improves Myopia and Hypermetropia
  • Improves Eyesight
  • Acute or Chronic Conjunctivitis
  • Computer vision Syndrome
  • Dry Eye Syndrome.

How I-Drop Eye Drops works?

I-Drop contains some herbs and mineral compounds, which improves vision by reducing opacity, preserving functions of eye nerve and improving functions of natural lens. So, it can be used in all cases in which vision impairment occurs for improving vision. It remove the irritation of the eyes and increases the eyesight and also reduce any damage caused in the eyes due to oxidative stress.


Get your eyesight checked before using the Isotine Eye Drops and note the results. After a few weeks, then undergo eye test and compare the results with previous reports. It will help you to know the progress after using the Isotine eye drops.

Recommended Dosage

Children under the age of 10 1 drop thrice daily
Children aged over 10 years and Adults 2 drops thrice daily

Warnings and Safety advice

Some people may also feel something abnormal (like dust particles) present in their eyes, which produces irritation. If irritation in eyes persists, discontinue the use of this eye drops and consult your doctor.

Check its ingredient list if you are allergic to any ingredient. If you are allergic to any of its ingredients, do not use it.

The safety profile using Isotine while wearing contact lenses is not well established scientifically, so stay on safer side and do not use it while wearing contact lenses or consult a physician.

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