Packing: 5 GM

Composition : Dexpanthenol 50 mg

       Indications :

  • Epithelial corneal defects created iatrogenically during surface laser ablation procedure


  • Panthenol becomes quickly oxidized to pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) whichis used in the synthesis of coenzyme A and thus is crucial for metabolic functions.
  • Effective for the therapyof corneal epithelial defects.

Necessary in the processes of reconstruction of epithelium, has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties·       Eyes receiving D-panthenol showed  better OF Best corrected visual acuity.( Journal of Ophthalmology Volume 2018, Article ID 6537413, 6 pages)·       Provitamin B5 contained in 5% drops and 5% gel of D-panthenol effectively accelerates the processes of healing the wounds of conjunctiva and cornea.

Dosage Form – Eye Ointment

How to Use – As directed by Physician

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